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About Anjanette

I’m a web and graphic designer, internet marketer, and aspiring photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been a resident of Las Vegas since 2006 after living in Walnut, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, for 19 years.

My interest in web design started when I was a sophomore in high school. I taught myself HTML and launched my first website, a personal page called “My Bahay”.

During college, I put web design aside to focus on my studies. I received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information System and Business Administration from California State University, Los Angeles. While in college, my coursework emphasized in information technology and operations management.

Although it was my intention to work in the IT field after college, I got my first job working in internet marketing thanks to my web design hobby and experience. I enjoyed it so much that I never turned back. Since living in Las Vegas, I have worked in the internet marketing department of various major gaming companies, and even worked my way up to manager.

Throughout the years in my career, I continuously learned the latest web technologies, as well as practicing my craft in graphic design. Although I had no formal training (other than a couple of art classes in high school and one art class in college), I now work as a web and graphic designer in the casino industry. I also freelance as well.

I also love taking pictures and capturing a moment or beautiful scenery. I’m currently practicing my craft as a photographer and I hope to add it to my repertoire in the near future.

The secret to a happy and successful career is enjoying what you do, and I can most certainly say that with web and graphic design. More than twelve years after I created my first website, I turned my web design hobby into a successful career. I am truly blessed.

My ultimate goal for the future is to turn my design and photography passion into a full-time business and hopefully meet people from different parts of the country, or even the world!