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The Evolution of a Web Designer

I was always good with figuring stuff on my own. I remember when I was in the 4th grade, I was able to setup a printer on my own so I can print the US map from my computer. My method was trial and error, and luckily all my errors never amounted to breaking something.

I created my first website when I was a sophomore in high school in 1997. I remember using AOL’s web editor and struggling to link to a website from an image. I didn’t have Google at the time, so I kept on trying and trying, until I realized I needed to upload the image into my FTP. (I didn’t know what FTP meant at the time.)

“My Bahay”, meaning my home in Tagalog, was actually version 2.0 of my personal website. At the time Angelfire and Tripod were popular web hosting companies, but I chose Tripod for unknown reasons. (Sorry, I couldn’t remember because it was over 12 years ago).

I took a long break from web design during college, until I took a web development course in 2003. I actually did not learn anything new during this class because I already knew HTML and a little CSS. The web development portion of the class did not occur until towards the end of the quarter when my teacher gave us an ASP assignment. However, it was more of a front-end interface project because the ASP code was already done for us.

My first job as a web designer was in 2005 when Asia Pacific-USA Chamber of Commerce hired me as their IT Intern. I remember they hired me on the spot because during my interview, I was able to fix an issue with the top navigation on their website. Luckily the guy who interviewed before me couldn’t figure it out!

After creating websites for Asia Pacific like China Global Ventures, China Media Partners, and the 2005 China Global Conference, I created my first portfolio page (around Spring 2005):

Then I redesigned my website later in Fall 2005. This website, along with prior experience in designing email blasts, helped me get my first job out of college and in Las Vegas:

After designing a couple websites for Cal Poly Zeta Tau Alpha and the North Orange County Alumnae Chapter of ZTA, I redesigned my website again in 2009, this time using table-less CSS design.

Launching Designs by Anjanette 2.0 was an ultimate goal for me because it finally has a content management system. I can easily post new projects up with ease, instead of manually entering the HTML. Isn’t WordPress wonderful?